Natural Cheese

Made in Durham, Kansas

Cottonwood River Reserve

    After making cheese on our farm for 10 years we decided in 2010 to develop our own signature cheese.  Cottonwood River Reserve was born as a collaboration between Jason Wiebe Dairy and Neville McNaughton of Cheezsorce.  It is a New Age cheddar made with Grade A Raw Milk and a unique process that when aged for at least a year develops into a full flavored, slightly sweet cheese without the acid bite of the typical aged cheddar.  It is pale yellow in color and is firm and dry in texture and slightly crumbly.  The tyrosine crystals that develop around 8 months of aging make for an exciting experience when eating this cheese. Cottonwood River Reserve has been getting outstanding reviews since beginning to market it it 2011.

Store Notice!

Sadly we are out of Sharp Cheddar until mid January 2024.

It needs to age a year to become Sharp and that’s what we are waiting on.