Cottonwood River Reserve

A new age cheddar made from raw milk, and aged up to 18 months. This aging process gives the cheese its addictive intense flavor. One could describe the unique profile of this cheese as crumbly with a slightly sweet, almost citrus note. Also in the depths of this warm colored cheese you will notice it contains the elusive, highly sought after tyrosine crystals. Tyrosine crystals are a natural by-product of certain aged cheeses and are formed by the calcium in the milk (article on tyrosine). These crystals add another layer of mystic to an already uncommon cheese. Oh, and did we mention that this cheese is hand-made exclusively at Jason Wiebe Dairy? For 15 years we have honed our proprietary recipe with the goal of bringing you a cheese that delights!

Weight N/A

1/2 LB Block, 5 LB Block, 40 LB Block